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Introduction about Catalonia.


Catalonia is a European country in the western Mediterranean constituted as an autonomous community of Spain. It is located on the northeast coast of the Iberian Peninsula, bordering France and Andorra to the north, Aragon to the west, south by Valencia, and  the east the Mediterranean Sea.

Catalonia has an estimated population of 7,565,603 people, is the second most populated autonomous community of Spain and covers 51.55% of the total population of the communities where Catalan is spoken.

The country's total area is ​​31,895 square kilometers. And the geographic coordinates are: 41 º 49 'N, 01 ª 28' E.

Catalonia has a notable geographical diversity considering the relatively small size of its territory. The geography is influenced by the Mediterranean coast, consisting of 580  kilometers of coastline and large units relief  Pyrenees at north.

The Catalan hydrographic net consists in two hydrographic basins,  the Ebro basins  and the internal Catalonia basins, all empty into the Mediterranean. There is also the Garonne basin that empties into the Atlantic Ocean, but only covers 1.73% of the Catalan territory.

Catalonia enjoys mild Mediterranean climate of its own latitude northern hemisphere. However, given its varied topography, there is a diversity of climates and particular traits.

In general we can say that in Catalonia the summers are dry and there are spring rains in the Mediterranean. In the Pyrenees there are abundant rainfall during May and June and the summers are usually wet.

Average annual temperatures range from 0 ° Pyrenees, to 17 ° to the south coast, the temperatures can exceed 40º degrees to the west regions, and the minimum can fall under of -20 ° in the Pyrenees.