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Wine Routes Costers del Segre.


To understand and feel the spirit of a good wine, you have to fully understand the environment where it's produced. For this reason and before entering the cellar, where a good wine can be years before see the sun light, we invite you to take a walk in the environment, in order to find the roots from which the wine get its very own characteristics.


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Wine Routes Priorat-Motsant.


We believe the best way to start a tour of the Priorat and Montsant DOis to start by his capital, Falset. It is located towards the center of the southern half of the county, and the límits are formed in the north by the municipality of Porrera; to the east,  Pradell de laTeixeta , to the south,  Marçà, to the south-west,  Masroig , to the west,  Bellmunt del Priorat and the north-west by Gratallops.


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Wine Routes Terra Alta.


Gandesa is the capital of Terra Alta. Municipality of about 3200 inhabitants, has been a key issue in many historical events,  being highlight point in the the Republican counterattack in the Battle of the Ebro.


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Wine Routes Alella.


Alella, gives his name to one of the smallest appellations of origin but also one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula. Located within 3 km of the coast, allowing the wines show the best of sea and the mountains.


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