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Route Gandesa -Batea- villalba dels Arcs.

Gandesais the capital of Terra Alta. Municipality of about 3200 inhabitants, has been a key issue in many historical events,  being highlight point in the the Republican counterattack in the Battle of the Ebro.

Ones of the most emblematic places of the town is the Iberian settlement of Coll del Moro. It is a reservoir of the Iberian tribe of ilercavones located on the outskirts of the town.There is also the Church of the Assumption, with Romanesque elements. Palau del Castellà,  with architectural elements of the s. XIII and XIV.The agricultural cooperative in Art Nouveau stile is one of the best works of architect Cesar Martinell together with the agricultural cooperative Pinell de Brai. Center for the Study of the Battle of the Ebro.

TheFontcalda, 13 Km from town. Is a place of great natural Beauty, near the Riverside Canaletes.

Pàndols Mountains.Its a place where you can enjoy a magnificent view and contemplate the Peace Monument which  was built to remember those who died fighting in these parts during the Battle of the Ebro in the Spanish Civil War (1938-1939).

The first week of November, is celebrated wine festival.


Texto: Ayuntamiento de Batea

Batea has an old town where you can still guess the surrounding walls. It has a magnificent medieval where arches, porches and ashlar constructions are frequent, especially in the main street that leads to the Plaza Mayor and the newer part to the church and of Vilaclosa, place where had been the castle .

Among the most interesting buildings there highlight the baroque church of San Miguel, the Capilla del Portal, Gate Knights, Torres Marti and Castellà and other Houses.


We propose a visit to the winery Altavins.

Villalba dels Arcs

It is a municipality located in the plateau of the Terra Alta. it has notably core rounded old narrow streets where stands the church of San Lorenzo which combines some Gothic elements with other Renaissance and Baroque. Porches are preserved at the market place and local manor houses and the chapel of Our Lady of Grace of Templar origin.

The wineries recommended are " Celler Xavier Clua" and " Celler  Algramar" the latter has a  wine Punctuated with a 90 on the Robert Parker list and it is the VN Great Aging. 

Route Pinell de Brai- prat de compte-Bot-Hota de Sant Joan-Arnes.

An interesting way to meet the local people and their wineries is through the "Via Verda of Terra Alta".

The Greenway is a suggested touristic, sportive and cultural site, which follows the old railway route linking the towns of Tortosa and Puebla de Hijar (Aragon). It is a completely flat course without difficulty with a total length of 23.7km ( between populations of Arnes and Pinell de Brai) and intended for use of bicycles, horses and on foot, while excluding all motor vehicles. During the tour pass by the old train stations of Arnes-Lledo, Horta de Sant Joan, Bot, Prat de Comte and Pinell de Brai.

The stations are far from centers of population on average 4km, but it isn't difficult to get there.

El Pinell de Brai, can be our starting point. It is a town about 10 km from Gandesa. Its Bodega Cooperativa, work from the famous modernist architect Cèsar Martinell i Brunet. Together with frieze of Xavier Nogués, is undoubtedly one of the modernist wineries in the area, nestled in the so-called "Wine Cathedrals" more striking.

Our next stop either if we take the Greenway or other paths, will be Prat de Comte.

An interesting place to visit in this population is the oven "Morruno", built in 1860 it was one of the communal ovens of this population. 

In the basement of the oven, we found the distillery where we will see the transformation of wine into Unmatured brandy. Oral tradition says that at the time of harvest, was very common in the village, that every house come to the distillery with the remaining breeze after pressed grape and makes Unmatured brandy to spend the year. Apart from for drinking this Unmatured brandy was also  used to make a typical cakes. The distillery ceased operations after an accident where the building was burnt. It was closed and it was not until recently when they were adapted the access with stairs and was installed a new alembic with 250 liter of capacity. Today,Unmatured brandy is made with wine from the region and every October we celebrate the feast of Unmatured brandy in the village.It is necessary to say, that in the majority of the houses, today we find alembics of approximately 30 liters that fall supporting the traditions throughout the year.

Botdue to his geographical situation,between the montais of Cavalls and Pàndols, is a good point to begin numerous excursions of mountain, where it is possible to enjoy a spectacular landscape, rich in vineyards, olive trees and almond-trees.

The cooperative agricultural San Jose, is the principal representative of the wine in this population. Also we find the bodegas as Cal Mariscal.

Horta de Sant Joan, can be one of the populations most renowned and known about the Terra Alta, since it is one of the doors of access to the Nature reserve dels Ports and also due to the long stay of the painter Paul Picasso in this population.

Therefore on having come to this population there will be two things  almost essential of visiting that they are the center Picasso and the Park.

The Picasso Center from Horta wants to be a permanent honoring to Picasso and tries to bring together the reproduction, as faithful as possible of all the works that the artist created in Horta. With which he immortalized this village. The visitor and the expert will find, this way, an authentic sample of the deep bows that join this land with the great artist, ties which he summarized in the famous phrase: EVERYTHING THAT I KNOW I LEARNED IN HORTA

To few distance of the urban area we can find the thousand-year-old olive tree of "Lo Parot" and the Convent of San Salvador.

The last station of this Route is in Arnes.

Arnes possesses a special orography, since the municipal area forms a part of the territory dels Ports of Tortosa-Beceite, and in the flat end it is bathed by two rivers: the Algars and the Estrets.

It has a formidable medieval part fortified around the castle.

The nature is one of the strong points of Arnas, with natural places where you can have a bath as the "Toll del Vidre". "The Pimpoll" and the "Pi Ramut" are two declared monumental trees for the Autonomous government of Catalonia, are a property of the town hall of Arnes. Both have 22 and 31 meters of height and are placed in the middle of the natural zone of the Ports.

The town hall of Arnes, it is the most relevant building of the municipality and one of the first ones of Renaissance style of Catalonia that dates back to the year 1584, it was built by Juan Vilabona de Cretas.

In May,  they celebrate the feast of honey. 

Route Corbera de Ebre-Fatarella-Pobla de Massaluca

With the next three villages we complete the villages inside the DO Terra Alta.

Corbera de Ebro was a very population most punished during the Spanish civil war. It was the site of the Battle of the Ebro, between July and November, 1938. As a consequence of this battle, Corbera d'Ebre remained completely destroyed and its inhabitants were moved to the low part of the hill, on both sides of the road. The abandoned zone is known popularly as "Muntera" or " Poble vell".

It is necessary to emphasize also the quality of yours wines with DO Terra Alta, specially those of the wineries: Cortiella, Frixach and Miro, as well as those of the Agricultural Cooperative. 

La Fatarella has a few irregular streets that have a distinctive architectural element: "els Perxés" which are street sections covered by stone archways and beamed linking several houses. Walking along these streets we will know better the village and part of its history.

La Pobla de Massaluca. The town still retains two "Perxés" although formerly there were more. They have two very iconic places, especially perxa Plaça de la Villa, in Pilota Street, since there you can always find someone chatting.

The proximity to the swamp of Riba-Roja, less than 10 km, allows us to see a marina where you can enjoy water sports, fishing, etc.  






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