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Wine Route  Alella.

Alella, gives his name to one of the smallest appellations of origin but also one of the oldest in the Iberian Peninsula. Located within 3 km of the coast, allowing the wines show the best of sea and the mountains.

Taking a walk among  vineyards and works of architecture in "Valls Rials"  is one of activities that can be done in this county. Visit the church of "San Feliu", which is one of the oldest in the Maresme, dated from the first time in 993 aC.

Visit "Can Lleonart", of medieval origin, it was in the seventeenth century when it acquired the name it retains today. It is one of the most emblematic buildings of the village and has the honors of being the gateway to the city center from the south.

you can visit"Can Margarola" that is one of the oldest farmhouses in Alella. Documented in the year 1359.

If you want to know the process and the characteristics of the wines of theDO Alella, you can do the concerted visits to the following wineries: 

ALELLA VINÍCOLA -- • 93540 38 42

Visits guided on Saturdays

BOUQUET DE ALELLA --bouquet • 607 83 35 92

Visits guided on sundays at  12 h

ROURA -- • 93352 74 56

Group visits by appointment only.

Other municipalities that are part of this DO are: Argentona, Cabrils, El Masnou, the Roca del Vallès, Martorelles, Montornès del Vallès, Mongat, Òrrius, Premia de Dalt, Premia de Mar, Santa Maria de Martorelles, Sant Fost de Campcentelles, Teià, Tiana, Vallromanes, Vilanova del Vallès and Vilassar de Dalt.

Argentona is known for the museum's Pitcher (Museu del Cantir) and by the proximity of Burriac Castle. Burriac Castle, perhaps by his emplazament or by its long history, has become one of the most important monuments of the region. Also noteworthy is the church of Sant Julia  XVI century, House Garí, Chapel San Pedro de Clare of the late thirteenth century, Bell Raco Can Navas, Gothic House, Can Mercader, Puig and Cadafalch House, Can Poi building also known as 4 watches , Fuente de San Domenech,  Old Town Hall, Gothic house in 1693 etc.



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