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Folklore routes.

Catalonia is a country full of traditions, popular parties and cultural entities that they help them support. From the Colles Sardanistas( grups of the popular national dance from Catalonia), Castellers( human castles), Bestonaires ( stick dancers), esbart dansaire ( popular dances), giants, trabucaires ( blunderbuss performance), grups of diables (devil), etc. They do that our villages explode of vitality,  and happiness, without making anybody excluded. 

Theres is a big amount of festivals like the Patum of Berga, which in 2005 there was declared " Masterpiece of the Oral and Immaterial Heritage of the Humanity " by the UNESCO., Or the Procession and Dance of death of Verges or so many other festivals that are celebrated during the whole the year all over Catalonia.

 The best way to know a country is across his traditions, dances and folk festivals.

 The Folklore routes want to bring together all those parties and traditions that they make us feel the spirit of Catalonia.

Choose the meeting or cultural event you want to attend. We organize transportation and accommodation. 

We Booked tickets to various events, concerts, fairs like Tàrrega theater fair, tickets to passion from  Esparreguera etc. 

Ask us for what you need and we try to get it. 

Ask us for information about of any catalan folk event and we make reservations as well as if be necessary arrange the  accommodation for the days that you need.


Give us a proposal of route or leisure and we organize.   



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 Aplecs de sardanes   (Federació Sardanista de Catalunya)


castellers  ( coordinadora de castellers de Catalunya )


Festes  (Llistat de festes per estacions)   (Calendari de festes i activitats) 






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