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Festa de l'escudella.

Festa de l’escudella The last Tuesday before Carnival is tradition to eat a plate of soup for a good start of Lent, a period of abstinence and fasting. In Castellterçol is held every  year on Shrove Tuesday. It's a feast that dates back to ancient times.

The food, first mentioned in the eighteenth century, was interrupted during the Spanish Civil War, but once it ended up the festival was recovered in many towns throughout Catalonia.

Finding a reasoned explanation for this tradition is not easy. In Castellterçol the tradition has not only survived, but  also has even improved, and participation has grown in size as a years has passed by.

At the beginning of the last century there were only 4 or 5 boilers, which were distributed to the Old Town Square. The preparation of the stew was only interrupted during the war.When the war was ends, on 30 January 1939, the same year Shrove Tuesday,  they start again with 3  boilers.

Today the festival is very splendid and with lot of  participation, funded and empowered by the city hall.

Throughout the morning, a group of people "Escudellers "  cook the soup in the "Plaça Nova"."In this place a row of iron pipes that do of support the about 25 boilers of 60 liters which are hanging and which will give a hearty broth about four thousand people. They use two separate pots  to make the marinade, where you cook the beef, pork and chicken, which is then distributed with ladles for all pots.

At lunchtime and after being blessed by the rector of the parish and a well-know person, the stew is distributed to locals and visitors gathered in the square and some eat in the square.

Another town where this soup festival is rooted  is Sant Feliu de Codines. In 1979 the feast was recovered and every year brings hundreds of visitors and "Santfeliuenc" with pan in hand to pick up lunch. In addition, during the morning visitors can eat toast with some wine.