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Aplec del cargol.

With more than 30 years of Tradition the "l'aplec del cargol de Lleida"  is  a popular festival  that take place during a weekend in May and that it has become a  very crowded gastronomic event. From the year 2002 is considered  Feast of National Tourist Interest. In  the latest Edition this popular feast it has attracted  thousands of visitors and has generated many "colles caragolistes." (groups of cooking and eating snails).

The origin of the Gathering of the Snail is found in 1980 when with12 grups started. Time in which the bank of the River Segre and Champs Elysees (Lleida) become the place where the grups gathered to eat the dish of this area: the snails. The grup of the "Order del Cargoll" was the organiser of the meeting and they  gathered 18 groups to spend a day the bank of river Segre. They asked the help and permission to the  Lleida City Council  in the district  of Cappont. From then  on ths festivalhas been taken place one weekend a year, in May, and it's arising in popularity getting to hundreds of groups in the last editions.

During the three days of the gathering, you can enjoy numerous proposals of dishes that can be made ​​with the snail.Besides, there are a number of activities for all  tastes that accompany this culinary feast. You can enjoy from concerts and  shows of dance to open air dance, human castles or contests.