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Bastareny river sources.


The  Bastareny river birth is in the called Sources of  " Adou " located about 6km from Bagà and within the municipality of Gisclareny.

To get to the sources,  take the road that departs from Bagà town in the direction of Gisclareny, about 2km and just before crossing the bridge of Sant Juan you will see a turning to the right. It is a forest track in good condition that will take us to the sources.

When we take the track and about 4Km away we find a holiday camp, " Vecindario de Hostalet", continue along the track about 2 or 3 km to where we find a barrier "Monnell Prat". At this point we can leave the car or bike and in a 10 minute walk along a path that goes to the left of the stone bridge that crosses the river and where you can see the waterfall like in the photo at the top, we'll reach the sources of the Adou  or Bastareny.


We recommend you use proper shoes  for walking in the mountains because although the path is a path without difficulty, it's gloomy, full of slippery leaves.

Throughout this area of ​​the High Bergadà we can do many mountain excursions, such as the way of the Empedrats PR-C 125.

The climb is along the old road of Cerdanya, which follows the river valley Pendís, that we'll have to  crossing at many points.


The Hostalet house is just across the river, along the path up to the port of Pendís by Empedrats. It is in ruins, but still shows the structure of a sixteenth century farmhouse with later additions due to its use as a hostel of the royal road of the Cerdanya.


We Will begin to climb up the side of the river that we'll cross over after fifteen minutes more and less,in  left direction by the bridge of  Empedrats. From here you can see the imposing gorge waters that have opened in the limestone. Before threading the gorge of Empedrats, we can find a path that departs to the left and crosses the river. This road leads to the so-called "Bullidor of Llet", an impressive spring water on a limestone wall cracks. we arrive after a steep slope but it is only interesting in rainy seasons, summer and winter usually dry.

From this point, the path enters strongly in the river bordering the imposing rock that strangles it: is the area of ​​Empedrats. In this place the river and road are the same and we have to go following the gateways. If the river has a lot of water, the dip is insured!.

Soon we'll find the throat of "Escriu". It is a place of great beauty where the road remains high over the river and slides jumping between rocks. In the same bed of the torrent there is the source grande "Escriu", which is visible only if the level of water is low in the main valley. The source is a few meters from the junction of the torrent with a track that's comes from  "Escriu" house.

Just  arrive on the top there is the refuge "Sant Jordi" and the link with the GR 107 (Route of the Cathars "Camí dels Bons Homes").







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