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Dinosaurs trail, coll de Nargó.

Saint Climent Church

The paleontological sites in the town of Coll de Nargó, in the Alt Urgell,  introducing Coll of Nargó in the trail of dinosaurs established between this municipality and Isona and the "conca Dellà", also an area rich in such deposits. The first discovery were nests of dinosaur eggs. Josep Peralba from Coll de Nargó and Joan Escuer, both professional geologists and founder of Friends of the dinosaurs of Alt Urgell (ADAU), were the first discoverers.

In the hall "Límit K-T" is shown the latest discovery and it is explains how the world was in the late Cretaceous period, the last dinosaurs that roamed the earth and caused of its extinction.

Township of Coll de Nargó  is one of the richest of all the Alt Urgell in Romanesque monuments. The most significant is the church of Sant Climent, declared historical and artistic interest. Located in the outskirts of the village of Nargó.

Also worth a visit are San Miguel de Masías, San Martín de la Plana, Sant Romà de Valldarques, Sant Serni de Gavarra and Sant Maximino de Sallent. All these buildings make up establish one of the routes of Via Romance, cross-border route that passes between Perpignan and Bassella.

Another important activity in the Coll de Nargó are the " Raiers". Until the early twentieth century, Coll de Nargó was, along with the Pont de Claverol in the Noguera Pallaresa , the most important center of the Catalan rafters.

In this risky profession, consisting in taking wood down by the river,  the memories are preserved  in the remains that you can see at the Museum of Raiers integrated into the Route of Older Crafts "Ruta dels Oficis d'Ahir". The museum occupies the former church Roser, in the old quarter of the village of Nargó. In addition, each summer, rafters Association of Ribera del Segre organizes two rafts down between Clops de Fígols and Pont d'Espia. This traditional festival is usually celebrated on the third Sunday of August.